If you’re looking for a perfect destination to immerse yourself in nature, Nuvali may be the place for you. It’s home to the largest tree nursery in the world and a 3 hectare demonstration farm where visitors can see how fruit and vegetables are grown. The master planned community is committed to evoliving and sustainability, so the amenities are designed to reflect this. There are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy, from playing golf to sitting by the grass.


In addition to a lakeside environment, Nuvali’s urban development aims to promote a more active lifestyle. Its green space will allow residents to enjoy the lake’s natural beauty and the abundant bird life. Currently, the city has 79 species of birds, which has led it to develop an environmentally friendly policy. The community is also committed to employing local labor, and its policy of hiring at least 40% locals is a testament to the quality of its development.

The nuvali property includes three parcels that span across three cities in the province of Laguna. The entire property is located in a fast-growing area, and it straddles the boundaries of four major cities in the country. The enviable location of Nuvali has made it a popular stopover for travelers heading south. It is a tranquil community, and it has something for every kind of traveler. Its wildlife sanctuary and buffer zone protect wildlife.

When it comes to home size, Nuvali has a huge range of options. Many different communities and lot sizes exist in the town, and a typical home is 400 to 600 square meters. Some communities have smaller lot cuts, while others have larger ones. There are several communities in Nuvali that are ideal for families and a single family home. The area also features shopping centers, gyms, and schools. This heightened sense of well-being is evident in Nuvali, where families can have a peaceful and fun environment.

The best part of Nuvali is the lush green grass and landscapes. Its parks are a beautiful place to spend time, and the nearby hotels are worth checking out. It is an area of Laguna that is convenient for both business and leisure travelers. Its scenic surroundings make it one of the premier destinations in the country for midweek holidays. Aside from being a great destination, Nuvali is also an ideal location for a weekend road trip.

The green spaces at NUVALI are perfect for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. It’s home to a slew of sports facilities and a 4-hectare multifunctional lake. Runners and cyclists will also find running and biking trails in Nuvali. Aside from its beautiful scenery, the park is also accessible via SLEX and bus routes. If you don’t have time to visit Nuvali, you can take the SLEX and ride a tricycle or a taxi to the city.

The next time you visit the Manila suburbs, don’t miss Nuvali’s sister school, Miriam College. The new campus will have plenty of recreational activities for students and businesses. Its outdoor pond is filled with Koi, which help keep the lake clean. For the first time visitor, riding on a taxiboat will be a fun and exciting experience. You’ll get to see the gorgeous Tagayty Ridge and other places on the ridge.

The newest addition to the city is Andacillo. This high-rise development brings together the land and the sky. The easiness of Nuvali makes it a perfect place to live. The surrounding green belts are an oasis for residents. Andacillo is the first highland address in Nuvali. With commanding views of Metro Manila, Andacillo is an ideal place to buy a home in the city.

Alveo has a portfolio of real estate projects that feature a central park and a four-level mall. The company is committed to fostering dynamic relationships with residents and the environment. Ayala’s Nuvali development is designed to be a great place to buy a house. Aside from this, the community is also home to other beautiful buildings, such as a pristine beach. There are dozens of restaurants in the area that will appeal to a wide range of buyers.

In addition to its commercial properties, Nuvali’s residents can enjoy biking in the area. It’s a 50-kilometer trail that follows the Evoliving philosophy, which makes it an ideal place for outdoor activities. A bike in Nuvali is an excellent way to exercise and enjoy the environment. There are also bike trails surrounded by lush greenery. The development is well-planned, and tenants can enjoy themselves with a bike.